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Have you ever thought of living on a farm? Those who spend their life in polluted cities would be glad to stay in the countryside at least for a day. In this game called Toca Boca Farm you’ve got an incredible opportunity to feel yourself a real farmer and take care about your garden and animals. Growing vegetables can become a profitable business if you organize your work well. Start your morning with feeding the sheep and pigs and don’t forget to clean their cages. Just look around and you’ll find all the necessary instruments. You can take a few assistants if needed – choose a character from the line. Explore other rooms of the farm because there’s so much to do there. For example, fill empty bottles with milk or plant seeds into the pots. If you water the plants in time, it won’t take long to get the results.  1,2,3 and your strawberry is ripe! Try other packets to grow something else. Having arranged everything inside the farm, go outdoors and see whether anyone is hungry. You’ll have much of physical work to do, that’s why you’ll need energy. Let the farmers have a snack: make some tasty hotdogs for them or treat them with fruits. When you’re run out of food or seeds, go shopping to the nearest market. Toca Boca will show you all the positive sides of living on a farm and will teach you how to be a good host. Ready to start right now?