Toca Hair Salon 3

The profession of a stylist is so popular today, both among girls and boys. Everybody strives to follow the fashion and look great. Toca Hair Salon 3 is a game where you can practice to create hairdos. Look, there’s a queue of people waiting for you! Pick the first client and start playing. You’ve got a set of instruments displayed on the table: scissors, a paddle brush, a comb, a razor and a hair clipper. Start with any of them because there’s no certain order of how you should work. Besides, creative people prefer to do everything in their own way.  Don’t be afraid to make a mistake – in case if you cut off too much hair, you can turn it as it was by just using a special grow tonic. Experiment with hairdos – try making bouncy waves or cute curls. Natural hairstyle is trendy too, so silky straight hair can look good as well. If you like bright colors, try an advanced hair color tool – with its help you’ll create the most colorful styles you can imagine! And, what’s more, in Toca Hair Salon 3 there’s a super tool for braiding!

Your client may have a beard so you’ll have to take care about it too. Lather up some shaving cream then grab your scissors and clippers. Do your best to please all your clients. This game permits to change the characters’ clothes and accessories – try on wearing glasses, caps, headbands or a new dress. After finishing your work, offer the person to take a picture in a photo booth. He’ll see the difference! You can also share this very picture with your friends and make them envy. No doubt, they’ll want to play Toca Hair Salon 3 too. Tell them about all the advantages of the game and you’ll be able to have fun together and compete in creating the best image for a character.