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Toca Hair Salon 4

Do you like horses? If you adore these splendid animals, then you should try Toca Hair Salon 4 game. You can take care about horses and learn more about their life. You can take part in races as well. You can imagine yourself in any epoch, be it Wild West or Medieval, and any role is possible with Toca life: Stable.

You can open a brand new world, where everything will touch upon graceful animals. You should take care of them, comb their mane, saddle them and go on a ride. But apart such pleasant things you need to clean the dung, because this is a crucial part of horses’ life. Only after you complete these missions you can have a rest in the club. You can show your skills on the arena, and your horse should perform the best moves. You should take your seat in the row of spectators and see how well you trained your pet. What things can you do after the competition? Well, you may ride a motorbike on the arena and show that you are good not only in training horses, but in motor races as well. Also you may have a rest on a food court, where you may taste new dishes.

There is more than just a huge arena, so you can visit waste forest, where you can sleep at a starry night, and have a bath in a waterfall. Can you imagine a more romantic location? If you don’t have an opportunity to visit forest in a real life, you may try it fully. There is one more useful location, and it is shop, where you can buy all necessary supplies. There are goods for various prices and for any purpose, so collect your money and think carefully what you are spending them on. You can transfer between locations, and there is a special kind of transport for your horses and necessary equipment. Everything will be delivered in time you just need to choose the proper itinerary. You can make cool movie about your life in stable, and share your two-minute progress with the entire community. You can communicate with other gamers and share your experience with them and get the exclusive information about everything that is going on in the game. No one dictates you the way you should play, and here you are the one, who sets the rules.