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Toca Kitchen 3

Have you ever thought that food could be a toy? It is simple as ABC! We are happy to present ‘Toca Kitchen 3’, the game where you can experiment with products and prepare dinner for four starving heroes. Just choose any product and prepare it the way you want. What is better – to cut and mix it with other ingredients, stew, boil or grill it? Once this dish is ready, let us see whether your hungry friend appreciate the pains.
‘Toca Kitchen’ is a virtual alternative of the mud pie game, which children adore playing. This application offers to practice your hand at food preparation whenever you wish. Moreover, interactive design and hilarious reactions of the characters towards varied dishes, prepared to them, can make laugh everybody. Would your cat eat the salt fish? Does the boy like to eat vegetables and greenery? Do not linger and try this game, combining different ingredients and recipes, based on own preference. Do not afraid to make a mistake. Our funny culinary application does not demand collecting items or scoring points, meeting the deadlines. Take your time and create something unique and worthy.
– There are four charming characters with their own desires, craving for something yummy.
– While playing you can find 12 types of ingredients and 180 various ways of preparation. For instance, boil, fry, mince, chop, grate or nuke. Choose what you like most of all!
– The game has a professional design!
– The interface is simple and clear even for preschoolers.
– You will be surprised to know that there are no bothering ads there.
What you see is not simply a game, but a simulator in a way that helps to practice/master basics of culinary art. For instance, what occurs if you mix and fry the carrot? Will your cat eat it? What about the bull’s gastronomic preferences? The application ‘Toca Boca’ develops children’s imagination and creative potential, and is equally interesting for kids of different age. Have fun!