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Toca Life: Pets

Pets are waiting for you in a new cool game, called Toca Life: Pets. Which animals do you prefer: domestic or wild, furry or bald? Whatever type you adore, you will find the desired pet in our application. There are more than 120 animals, and this is one of the biggest choices in the world of computer games. This only fact makes the Toca Life: Pets extremely appealing, but there are a lot of other tricks that will fill your heart with warmth.

There are five different locations, and each of them is peculiar by the features and things you can do there. In the park of animals you can have a rest with wonderful pets and enjoy various activities with them. There are several very attractive missions for you. In the hotel for pets you will take care for animals that are left by their owners for a certain period of time. You need to find a suitable ‘room’, be it cage or aquarium, for every visitor, and make their short visit pleasant in every way.

Some pets may need a vet aid, and you need to make sure that every animal is healthy enough. You have everything for a useful treatment, and while curing your patients you need to make sure others aren’t bored by sitting in a queue or after an operation. There will always come a day, when you will need certain supplies, like food, medicine or toys. You will find this entire staff in a pet shop, which is nearby the local pet restaurant. And of course, there is a location, where various new breeds appear. This is one of the most responsible professions, and you need to follow the rules of this location, and pay attention to temperature and other important things. There are plenty of activities in the game, and you should try every location to decide which one is the best.