Toca Life: Hospital

Are you afraid of doctors, or you want to communicate with them all the time? Now you have a chance to become a virtual doctor, and help people in different ways. Are you ready to take up this challenging job? If so, you should test Toca Hospital, where you will be able to share human pain and happiness of healing.

You will be able to see all sides of human life. Firstly, you will help mothers to give birth to their children. This is a very thrilling experience, but you will see how rewarding it is. In real life you will hardly ever get such experience without becoming a doctor, but this game gives you a wonderful opportunity to take care about new-born babies, and see how cute they are.

There always comes a day, when someone dies. You may become a peaceful mediator, who helps people to say last goodbye to the ones they loved. This is apparently not the most pleasant thing in the world, but you have to do it anyway, as all doctors do. Be patient and quiet – people need some space and peace.

Well, you know already about the beginning of life and its ending, but you need to help people along the way as well. There will be plenty of real and imaginary situations, when you will cure various patients and see how this is easy or difficult. There are five different locations in the game, and you can test what dangers are hidden on each level. There is a secret laboratory in your hospital, and you need to learn what is going on in it. You have to visit every cabinet, and see how every doctor works. You should transport the patients to their rooms, and learn to use all kinds of equipment. See, what medicine you can prescribe to make everyone healthy, and see what materials you can use to cure people around you. Set the necessary options, and let the magic flow into the simple hospital.