Toca Kitchen Monsters

Do you like to cook? Do your parents eagerly try your culinary masterpieces? Even if you’re bad at preparing dishes, these two clients will eat almost everything you serve. Two funny monsters, who are always hungry, are waiting for you to feed them. Besides, they’ve got iron stomachs and can devour hot, spicy or raw ingredients, so don’t be afraid to poison them – it’s impossible! Open the fridge and see the products which are there. Experiment with them, try to boil, fry, squeeze or microwave them. For example, you can fry meat and add some broccoli – a full and healthy meal. However, monsters’ tastes differ from human’s, so don’t get mad if the strange creature refuses to eat vegetables. Choose another food instead. This game allows you to fulfill any culinary idea, even the craziest one. Where else can you fry tomatoes or boil a lemon? What’s especially hilarious in this game is the monsters’ reaction after swallowing a piece of food. And it’s not always approving. These monsters are so picky!

Toca Kitchen Monsters is a game for those who like cooking. It will help small children to learn the names of some fruits and vegetables. You’ll definitely love it because it’s colorful and funny!